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Theta Healing

The ThetaHealing® technique can help you live your life in synergy with your true life path.  When you live in synergy with your true self, you are inviting positive changes into your life with an open heart. 


I look forward to connecting with you.

ThetaHealing® is a rapidly emerging energy healing modality which allows you to tap into your deeply held beliefs that attribute to the way you think and act.  Sometimes, we develop (or inherit ) a set of belief systems that can propel us forward.  On the other hand, we sometimes form a thinking pattern that sets us back from our life's journey.   By tapping into the meditative Theta brainwave state, you will learn much about yourself, and that itself is a powerful healing experience.   The practitioner is there to guide and witness the energy shift and help you release the energy that no longer serves you.  With the release of the unnecessary energy, you are allowing the positive energy to flow, the possibilities are limitless.

Whether it is dietary changes or manifesting your long held dream, knowing yourself is the key to the transformation.  I believe ThetaHealing® is a powerful tool for self discovery and it will help you reach your highest potential.


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What to Expect

  • Come Hydrated.  (Water is a great carrier of the vibration!)

  • This is a "talk" session in an active theta meditative state.  Focused meditation guided by a trained practioner.

  • You may experience physical or emotional shift during or after the session.

  • Each person experience a session differently, and the same person may experience sessions differently each time. 

  • Some may experience complete relaxation and fall a sleep.  Some may feel the need to release intense emotions.   We       honor and respect each person's wellness journey, and are trained to hold a safe space for you.

  • Make sure to communicate your needs and concerns with your practitioner.

Book Your Session

30 minute private ThetaHealing® session (30 min/$80)

60 minute private ThetaHealing® session (60 min/$155)

- Theta Healing Practitioner Training -

ThetaHealing Practitioner Classes

Do you want to learn the skills and techniques to practice ThetaHealing? 

I can help you!

Practitioner Training Courses

ThetaHealing trainings will gently guide practitioners and clients to harness and unlock our underutilized innate abilities. In a way, it is a training to re-member and awaken what we already know deep within ourselves. It is a journey to rediscover yourself and the world around you in a whole new perspective - it's a paradigm shift. 

These four trainings are the foundation of ThetaHealing.

They are taken, in order, as pre-requisites to the additional courses listed below. 

Basic DNA

Did you know that you too, are a powerful healer? You already have these special abilities within. Are you afraid of tapping into your own intuition? If you are ready to unlock your true potential desire to be the light for positive transformations for others, this is the class for you!

Advanced DNA

Our philosophy is to live, train, and coach others how to achieve a better life through the pure essence of love. This technique allows us to work with the Creator to help attain harmony in our mind, body and spirit. The ThetaHealing® technique is best described as an attainable miracle for life.

Dig Deeper

The ThetaHealing Technique is fabulous for getting to the origin of our issues because Practitioners are taught an incredible technique called “digging”. This narrative style approach allows us to comfortably discover the elusive and deep subconscious thoughts and beliefs that can block us. The ThetaHealing technique then uses unconditional love, Belief and Feeling work to clear these.

You & Creator

Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

Meet Ai

Ai Yuasa-Green

Owner/Founder of Aiology Works


mom♡ nature lover♡ happy earthling♡ believer of kitchen apothecary♡ health & wellness enthusiast♡ ♡food, plants, crystals, animals (including humans!) Mission: Micro-cosmic (small) wellness paradigm shift for macro-cosmic (big!) impact. Empower gentle souls to flourish in vibrant health. Respect for authentic wellness flow state. Credentials: Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (2003-) ThetaHealing® Practitioner (2016-) ThetaHealing® Instructor (2017-) Master/Certificate of Science ThetaHealing® Instructor (2021-)



     ai = love (in Japanese)

     ol·o·gy = "a subject of study; a branch of knowledge"



[ai] is also the sound vibration given to me at birth.

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