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Guided by Ai Yuasa-Green at The Nook at Bigfork Bay

Set the tone for the month during Sound Manifestation Collective, guided by Ai-Yuasa Green.  We gather every third Thursday of the month from 5:30pm-7:00pm at The Nook at Bigfork Bay.


This gathering allows you to bring forward your highest intentions through manifestation journaling, as well as put your mind and body at ease with the soothing sounds of traditional instruments.


Meditators of all levels are welcomed to include our Sound Manifestation Collective 

as a part of your wellness routine!


The Nook | Third Thursday, 5:30pm-7:00pm | $33

Save your space by choosing your preferred event date on our schedule.

By utilizing a variety of sound meditation, mindful journaling, and manifestation techniques, this mini session is intended to help you realize your dreams and will it into fruition, as well as support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


To deepen your relaxation, The Nook provides self-serve lavender eye pillows, blankets, bolsters, and yoga mats for the duration of the meditation. Simply come as you are or consider bringing your own props to add to your comfort along with a water bottle to keep hydrated. 


Interested in experiencing a personalized sound healing session? Private and group sessions may be booked with Ai Yuasa-Green (see availability here). We honor and respect each person's wellness journey and are trained to hold a safe space for you.

About Ai

As the founder of The Nook at Bigfork Bay and Aiology Works, Ai Yuasa-Green specializes in vibrational healing arts including Sound Healing and ThetaHealing, along with other holistic wellness modalities. With over 20 years of  experience, she has received training in Acutonics and thru a Sound Healing Instructor Certification Program, specializing in the Himalayan singing bowl. 

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