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Sound & Vibrational Healing

Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. It is from a place of stillness that you become open and aware of each sound that comes into and around your space through sound healing. Sound helps create the pathway to this place of stillness much the same way a mantra helps you to arrive at the still point of meditation. Sound moves us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

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Sound healing focuses on the therapeutic application of sound waves to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by utilizing a wide range of techniques. Similarly to a musical instrument, the body can also fall out of tune, leaving you unbalanced, unrested and even more open to disease.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks is a non invasive vibrational treatment that is similar to acupuncture, but without needles. Precision calibrated clinical grade tuning forks are gently applied on the body or placed near your ears.  The sound vibrations created by the sound tools travel through the body breaking up physical blocks like tight muscles, or emotional blocks like stuck feelings.


Tuning forks, initially developed as precise sound wave generators for musical instruments, have emerged as powerful tools for vibrational healing. Tuning forks are acoustic instruments calibrated to specific frequencies, which when struck, produce vibrational waves that encourage your body back to these same natural frequencies, returning you to balance and helping to remove energetic blockages that may be disrupting your natural flow of energy.

Powerful Transformations with Simplicity.

As sound vibration travel through our energy pathways impacting our human physiology, it promote healing in the areas that are not easily accessible with traditional medicine.

For thousands of years, humans in Eastern cultures have used singing bowls ceremonially, for sound therapy and energy healing. Sound bowls produce a rich sound and deep vibration when struck or circled with a mallet. The frequencies produced by playing a singing bowl will have a soothing effect on the mind, body, and soul. When certain notes or tones are played together the resonating sounds emanated by multiple singing bowls are said to sync the left and right sides of the brain together, creating a feeling of peace, wellness, and serenity within. 

All of our sound healing sessions can be private or group sessions. 

What to Expect

  • Come Hydrated.  (Water is a great carrier of the vibration!)

  • You will be lying down on a massage table or a chair, fully clothed.

  • Sound healing tools are applied on various acupressure points or placed near your body.

  • You may experience physical or emotional shift during or after the session.

  • Each person experience a session differently, and the same person may experience sessions differently each time.  Some           may experience complete relaxation and fall a sleep.  Some may feel the need to release intense emotions. 

  • Make sure to communicate your needs and concerns with your practitioner.


We honor and respect each person's wellness journey, and are trained to hold a safe space for you.

Book Your Session

Sound Healing Private -  (30 min/$80)

Sound Healing Private -  (60 min/$155)

Group Sound Meditation - (90 min/$300)

Meet Ai

Ai Yuasa-Green

Ai specializes in Sound Healing and ThetaHealing® and is a Master and Certificate of Science ThetaHealing Instructor and Practitioner, as well as serving as an official translator for the modality.  She has received trainings in Acutonics (tuning forks), and is currently pursuing a Sound Healing Instructor Certification Program specializing in the Himalayan (metal) singing bowls.


She wants to empower gentle souls to flourish in vibrant health.   Currently serving light workers to achieve authentic wellness flow state so they are ready to illuminate the world around them wherever they are.

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