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The Nook is a creative healing place where we hold space for wellness collaboration and co-creation in our local community.  We are a home of The Nook Studio, where we provide  intentional workshops; Bee's Knees Mercantile, a place for all things holistic and Aiology Works, offering Theta Healing and sound and vibrational healing arts. 

Two "O"s overlapping in The Nook Logo represents what we stand for--creating a cozy little "nook" in our corner of this world where we can unleash our fullest potential by simply gathering with positive intentions.

Heal with timeless simplicity.

Find us on the main floor of the Bigfork Station building.
Follow the hallway behind Sugar & Spice Coffee Shop to find us!

Ai Yuasa-Green, CFNTP

Owner & Founder of The Nook at Bigfork Bay

Ai is the founder and the owner of The Nook at Bigfork Bay.  She is also the owner of Aiology Works providing Sound Meditations, and Vibro-Acoustic Healing sessions. She curates and facilitates workshops at The Nook Studio.

She has been pursuing her passion in natural wellness for over 20 years. Ai is a mom, nature lover, believer of kitchen science and apothecary, a health and wellness enthusiast, food lover, and a happy earthling... 


Wellness has been her passion and mission in life...


After graduating with a Holistic Wellness and Nutrition degree from Evergreen State College in Washington,  she pursued her career in nutrition working for a nutritional education company.  Here she played a key role in establishing nutritional therapist training programs with community colleges across the country.

Although the nutrition career path was promising and fulfilling, she decided to take the path to LIVE IN WELLNESS rather than "teaching and preaching wellness" by changing her lifestyle completely.  In 2005, she and her husband decided to move to Montana, his home state.   

The more she learned, the simpler it got...

Over the years, she received hundreds of hours of training and certifications in food science, functional nutrition, culinary art, ethnobotany, energy medicine and wellness coaching in pursuit of deeper healing.  "Why some people heal, and why some don't?' "Why do some stay healthy, and some revert back?"

She found her answers in the Sound and Vibrational world...

Through her own experiences and through the experience of her clients, this was the most efficient, adaptable, comfortable and compassionate way of guiding people back to the state of wellbeing.

Ai now specializes in Sound Healing and ThetaHealing® .

Ai is a Master and Certificate of Science ThetaHealing Instructor and Practitioner, as well as serving as an official translator for the modality.  She has received trainings in Acutonics (tuning forks), and is currently pursuing a Sound Healing Instructor Certification Program specializing in the Himalayan (metal) singing bowls.


She wants to empower gentle souls to flourish in vibrant health.   Currently serving light workers to achieve authentic wellness flow state so they are ready to illuminate the world around them wherever they are.

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